Southeast Falsecreek Olympic Village Has Granville Island to Yaletown Seawall Connection

At the Olympic Village, waterfront design was given special consideration. The city of Vancouver wanted to encourage and invite people to enjoy the waterfront and have a continuous pedestrian and cyclist parkway that connected as much of the seawall in various neighborhood as possible. That plan is being successfully implemented initially and we are now seeing the first stage of development in the Olympic Village waterfront park. Incidentally, the waterfront on both shores of Falsecreek look distinctly different. At the Falsecreek northshore in Yaletown, the waterfront is protected by a vertical seawall which has a more polished look to it. In that sense, it is much like the one at the world-famous Vancouver Stanley Park. While at the Falsecreek Southeast, the situation is different and the design is to present the seawall as dedicated by the landscape that defines it. As a reflection of that, the shoreline at Olympic Village is more natural and rugged. Time will tell how the waterfront at Olympic Village can further be enhanced. For now, pedestrians and in particular cyclists can go from Yaletown to Kitsilano and beyond by way of an unbroken seawall that linked up Science World, the new Olympic Village and the well-established Granville Island. The city has a City Greenway plan to promote even more cycling traffic by connecting up communities within the cities. City Engineering has a web page that said, “When the network is complete, a City Greenway will be no more than a 25-minute walk or a 10-minute bike ride from every residence in Vancouver.”

Cyclists at seawall pathway in Olympic Village
Three cyclists in front of the Olympic Village building at left where Canadian athletes had stayed
Pedestrian and cyclist pathway leading to Granville Island
Seawall near Olympic Village attrcats plenty of pedestrians and cyclists
Falsecreek northshore seawall
Falsecreek northshore seawall
Falsecreek northshore high-rise and seawall
Falsecreek northshore high-rise apartments and seawall
Olympic Village shoreline
Olympic Village Shoreline at Falsecreek Southeast in Vancouver
Olympic Village Athletes Way cyclist
Olympic Vilage with cyclist riding along Athletes Way
Cyclist on Canoe Bridge at Olympic Village
Cyclist flow through this aerodynamic Canoe Bridge at Falsecreek Southeast

Olympic Village, 181, 1st Avenue West, Vancouver BC, Canada

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