Olympic Village Salt Building Glazed Glass Installation Invites Foot Traffic and Sense of Community

Large high-performance glazed glass windows and doorways cut into both ends of the Salt Building in Vancouver’s Southeast Falsecreek (SEFC) let more daylight in and invite interaction between the plaza in the north and the street on First Ave. in the south. This is in accordance to the original design which has large openings on both ends to allow better ventilation and a straight see-through. The entire building is supported by a complex roof truss together with a centre row of wooden columns. A raised monitor roof and clerestory with glass windows help illuminate the interior during the day, creating a natural and friendly atmosphere that is reminiscent of a town centre marketplace which has became the hallmark of the Granville Island Market. The Vancouver Salt Co. Ltd. Building is also one of the rare heritage sites in Canada to have attained the LEED Gold certification. It has done so partly by reusing about 75% of the existing building material or locally-sourced components. The insulation has also been substantially improved while preserving the heritage values of the 1930s structure. In addition, the building uses reclaimed sewage energy to heat the building in cooler months. The energy saving is projected to amount to $19,000 a year.

Olympic Village in Vancouver's Southeast Falsecreek Salt Building is Vancouver's newest landmark

Olympic Village in Vancouver's Southeast Falsecreek, Salt Building interior will house a brew pub, coffee shop and bakery

The Salt Building as a people's social gathering place

Balcony view of Salt Building in the Olympic Village

Olympic Village, 181, 1st Avenue West, Vancouver BC, Canada

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