Diverse Religions But Same Highway to Heaven on Richmond’s #5 Road

Richmond’s diverse population is well served by a wide variety of churches and temples. All the world’s major religious beliefs are represented here on a short strip of the #5 Road in the city.

Come to the “Highway to Heaven” as this Richmond roadway is called and you can witness multiculturalism in action in the different houses of God. Muslim mosques, Asian Kwun Yin temples, Buddhist enlightenment schools and places of worships for South Asians, Christians, Jews etc. can all be found here.

In 2007, CBC’s The National and CBC Radio One Sounds Like Canada selected Richmond’s No. 5 Road as one of the 52 finalists in the Seven Wonders of Canada contest that also included other iconic places and symbols such as the igloo, Niagara Falls, CN Tower etc.

In the end though, Richmond’s #5 Road lost out to even Vancouver’s UBC Wreck Beach where devotees of the back-to-nature religious faith beat the pants off everyone in their own group as well.

As the saying goes, to be included is already an honor. The #5 Road in Richmond, BC should be proud.

Az-Zaharaa Islamic Centre a Muslim Mosque on No. 5 Road Richmond BC

Joti - Indian lamp burns on butter (Ghee) at Vedic Cultural Centre

Shiva, the Moon God at Vedic Cultural Centre (Hindu) on No. 5 Road Richmond BC

Gurdwara Nanak Niwas, India Cultural Centre of Canada on No. 5 Road Richmond BC

Ling Yen Mountain Temple (Buddhist) Richmond BC No. 5 Road

Az-Zaharaa Islamic Centre Muslim Mosque on No. 5 Road Richmond BC

Az-Zaharaa Islamic Centre Muslim Mosque Stained-glass window

Fujian Evangelican Church on No. 5 Road Richmond BC

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